Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy 

Naijaloded is located at 23 , olowo ila bstop ,along lasu road ,igando  Lagos Nigeria . 08179011039

It is our duty to respect and honour your privacy regarding to the information we collect from you when you make use of our site .

That is why we created this page to explain and let you know the kind of information we collect , why we collect and what we use it for.

This policy only applies to this site naijaloded , that is , it is not applicable to every other external site or source .


The types of information we collect are the information relating to our visitor's Identity like the IP addresses , browser type , location , time of usage , device information and some other things .


We all know ,no transmission on the web is fully secure but we plegde to make sure we try all our best to secure your information .


Every advert placed on this site may link to other site which may not be property of naijaloded and we will advice you to read the policy of the site before making use of it .

Most advertisement site make use of cookies to place ads on our site in which they use to recognize your device each time they show advert to you.

Some links may also be placed on this site which might link to another site that is not part of our property so we advice you review each site policy before using .


Cookies are small files of information stored on user's device or gadgets in which we use to give you the best of our site .

We make use of cookies to track our visitor's behavior and other related things about our users .

We make use of cookies to improve our products and we assure you our cookies are safe .

Users have the right to refuse or reject cookies in which it can be done on every users device .

To learn how to reject cookies kindly make use of Google search .

By continuing to use our site without
rejecting the cookie , you hereby acknowledge and agree to our use of cookies.


Although we hardly make change to  the policy page but we encourage users should always navigate to this page to get notified if there is any changes .

We might possibly give notification on the home page if we make any changes to the page but we strongly encourage usual visit to this page .


We strongly don't accept this ads type listed below and if third party serve this ads , we will block it if these types of ads are served

* porn ads
* Hate ads
* Hacking
* Weapons
* Discriminatory ads
* Inciting violence ads